3m Magic Scotch Tapes Gard Guard Weld Product

The article talks about four important 3m scotch products which are: 3m scotch tap product, 3m scotch magic tapes product, 3m scotchgard product, and 3m scotch weld product.
3m Scotch Tapes
tapes were invented in 1930, it is very common and practical in our life, and most people use them in their home, office, and schools. You can write on them with pencil, marker or pen. It can be used to seal envelope, paste something on a wall
Tapes products is the best adhesive tapes in the products market and it has a wide variety of using such as wrapping gifts and presents, packing products or wrapping torn documents. Tapes comes with many different sizes, finishes, color and styles. You can get the matte finish which disappears when applied, it comes also with double sided variety that has adhesive on both sides also there is a handy dispenser tape that allows you to take one little piece of adhesive scotch tape at a time.
3m Scotch Magic Tapes
The best kind to hold items together is the scotch magic tape which disappears when used because it comes invisible and also doesn’t turn yellow with time. The magic tape sticks on the surface for years. The magic tape is pulls off the roll, resist splits and cuts smoothly.

3m Scotchgard Product
The Scotchgard product is fabric protector to protect all items around the house like chair cushions, upholstery, table linens, clothing, and more. 3m scotch guard is easy to use for spill fabric, protecting furniture, and cheap. Gard protects against stains, soil, and rain. It has a new nonflammable water based environmental friendly formula. This great formula block strains and repels liquids, pushes spills away to make strong protection for fabric fibers and release stains easily. The gard product is safely to use on silk and wools fabrics and won’t change the feel, breathability or look of fabrics.
If you are chemical sensitive avoid using the scotch guard. Don’t breathe this spray and Keep your house well ventilated.
3m Scotch Weld Product
It is flexible, fast, two-part adhesive; there are 2 types of 3m scotch weld product, which are DP100 and DP110. The DP110 weld product is gray color adhesive used to bond many materials like ceramic, metals and plastic and need only 20 minutes of handling strength to get the best result, used for fast cure and easy mixing.
The other type DP100 weld product is clear color adhesive with low viscosity and used in room temperature.